Disability/ Long Term Care

Disability / Long Term Care

Disabilty Insurance

Disability insurance will replace your income in the event that you become totally or partially unable to work. Although it gets less attention than life insurance, experts agree that disability coverage is at least as important. While health insurance prepares most people for the medical costs of severe injury or sickness, without disability insurance, they are not prepared for the loss of wages that accompanies such a tragedy. In general, if you count on your job to pay your expenses, you should seriously consider disability coverage. We offer both Short-Term and Long-Term disability policies that we can customize for your individual wants and needs. **These policies are offered for both individuals and groups.

Long Term Care Insurance

Spending a long period of time in a nursing home, or under home care, is not something people like to think about. However, as the average life expectancy continues to increase, a growing number of seniors are finding themselves unable to live independently. At the same time, nursing home care and home health care is becoming extremely expensive, primarily due to rising medical costs. Long Term Care Insurance covers these expenses, and is something to consider. Without Long Term Care Insurance, the assets you earned over your lifetime can easily be lost to medical expenses.